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Megan and Patrick Move to the Suburbs!

Megan and Patrick Move from the City to the Suburbs with the help of the LMKS Group. See below for their experience with their city to suburbs move!

Tell us about your current living situation prior to moving/buying your new home?

Before moving and buying our home, we both lived in the city for a little over six years. (Pat lived in Roscoe Village and Wrigleyville while Megan resided in Lincoln Park.) We lived together in a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in the Lakeview Southport Corridor area for 2 and a half years. 

How did you hear about LMKS Group/Karen?

We were recommended to Karen and the LMKS Group by her brother and sister in law. They had nothing but positive things to say about Karen and their home buying experience a year ago. Karen was recommended to them by a friend of theirs. 

What  was your reason for looking to move? 

Unfortunately, our July 2020 wedding was postponed due to COVID and the current climate. We had originally planned on getting married and spending another year in the city, but we were starting to outgrow our 2 bedroom apartment after 2 and a half years there. With interest rates being so low and Chicago’s restrictions (dining, activities, etc.) we decided to start the home buying process. We thought it would be a good next step and allow us to get a home in order before our July 2021 wedding (hopefully). 

Where were you thinking about moving? Where did you end up moving to?

We were thinking about moving to a northwest suburb because Megan grew up in Buffalo Grove and teaches in Wheeling. We considered the following communities: Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and Mount Prospect. We purchased a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath townhouse in Palatine. 

How was your experience with LMKS Group?

Our experience with Karen and the LMKS Group was phenomenal. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. As first time buyers, we had several questions, concerns and hesitations. Karen really went above and beyond her duties to answer our questions and reassure all our concerns. From answering questions about new construction to discussing possible renovations costs, Karen was extremely knowledgeable about all areas of the home buying process. Her positive attitude and demeanor made the house hunting process enjoyable. She made herself available at all hours to answer any questions we had. She’d check in with us regularly or send us additional information about neighborhoods and communities. We also had positive experiences with the people she recommended to us (broker, inspector). We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Karen! We would recommend her to everyone who is looking to sell or buy a new home! 

Was your experience moving from city to the suburbs positive? 

Although it was bittersweet to leave the city, we’re extremely happy with our decision. With the current climate in Chicago, we weren’t able to enjoy any of the luxuries of city living. We weren’t seeing our friends, couldn’t attend Chicago events/attractions, or enjoy the city the way we used to. We decided to buy a home a little earlier than we expected to because we realized square footage and convenience were more important to us than our life in the city. After 6 years of commuting, Megan is embracing the 15 minute commute. We’ve had positive experiences in the suburbs and are looking forward to exploring more nearby restaurants and trails. There will be times we miss the city, but that’s what visiting is for! 

How are you enjoying your new home?

We’ve enjoyed the past month in our new home and we’re looking forward to celebrating the holidays in our new home. With the additional space, we’ve been able to create a home office and a workout area in our basement (both things we lacked in our old apartment). We enjoy taking weekend walks around our neighborhood, exploring different restaurants and shops, and the flexibility of running errands 🙂 Completing home projects, decorating, and organizing has been keeping us busy. We were able to buy a real Christmas tree this year, something we didn’t have space for in our old home. We’re starting to settle into our new home/neighborhood and have already discovered new favorite restaurants.

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